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 JO Coop game playing rules! What you must know and follow!

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PostSubject: JO Coop game playing rules! What you must know and follow!   Fri 25 Jan 2008 - 13:37

Arrow Please read carefully and follow this rules!

The Host

If you want to host a Coop Game then you must follow some simple rules:

1. Put in a Game Start delay from min. 2 minutes !
This is because you must give your Team time to read the Map Info and the Goals and to put on suitable Equipment and / or switch Classes for the Map.
This is the only way to have a little bit of teamplay without teamspeak and to start together.

2. Only put tested Maps !
If the Map is too bad or has some other failure the fun will get lost. Your Player are not Maptester.
If you want to test a Map do this with some informed Guys and put it into the Server Info that this is a Maptest, so everyone will know.

3. Restrict the Weapons with Bugs in some Gametypes !
That is something mainly important for DM, TDM, KOTH, TKOTH.
The Bodyarmor (BA) has still some bugs in it wich let some guys think that the guy wearing a BA would cheat !!!!

4. Put on friendly fire !
If friendly fire is on the player most think more before shooting.
And the players will not go to easy into the line of fire from another Player !

The Player

1. Get informed !
Read before playing the Game Info (I) and the Goals (G).

2. Stay together !
The loonly Wolf is the perfekt Target, without any company you will not have aid from your Teammates.
Togehter we are strong.

3. Build Firegroups !
A Firegroup is Group build from 2-4 Players ( mostly: Rifleman, Rifleman, Gunner / Engineer, Medic)..
With a good Firegroup you can defeat the Enemy better than alone as Rambo.
You will have more Eyes, more Firepower, more Brain.
More in Tactics.

4. Always think Team first !
When you acting like you are alone you will get no protection or aid from your Team - cause you are standing out of the Team.
Why should the Medic go and heal you ?

5. Get a good firing position !
It is silly to fire like Rambo, you will only survive for seconds.
Get to a good position with protection from where you can easaly shoot the enemy and dont get shoot.
More in Tactics.

6. Use your Brain !

7. Help each other !

8. Dont think only in points or getting the first place !
Yes sure it is good to capture the spawnpoint, but why should everbody run to it ?
First think in security for your Team - only when the spawnpoint is secure you can capture it !

9. The better Player must help the newbees !
When you are a good player then it is not necessary to make all the point and Spawn captures by your self. Help the newbees getting skills.


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JO Coop game playing rules! What you must know and follow!
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